The innovation opportunity

Achieving greater returns on UK innovation

Investment in innovation is not enough alone. For countries to prosper from great ideas, innovation needs to diffuse and be adopted.

Building on our research on breakthrough innovation, and working with the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), we've identified three ingredients for public sector leaders to achieve greater returns on innovation.

1. Find inspiration from deep need

Enable innovation diffusion and adoption by better connecting innovations to local demand, a clear mission, and the skills to deliver – with a ‘supply chain’ approach to national innovation.

2. Put inclusion at the heart of every innovation

Prize collaboration over competition, and widen participation in innovation with diverse teams.

3. Iterate for success

Involve end users earlier to gain feedback, drop expectations of perfection, and reframe what successful innovation diffusion and adoption looks like.

This report distils our full findings for influential national and local players: government departments that drive innovation; research and innovation organisations; universities and researchers; as well as public sector bodies including the NHS and defence organisations.

Together, we can achieve greater returns on innovation.

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