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The past two decades have seen fundamental shifts in society that impact the entire policing and justice system, such as changing patterns of crime, the growing use of digital technology, and new expectations of the state.

Organisations are striving to keep pace and adapt to new technologies, adopt new ways of working, and introduce new services. Frequently, this requires large-scale, complex transformation.

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Working at local, regional, and national level, we take an integrated, holistic approach to navigate the unique challenges of the complex policing and justice system. Our multi-skilled, cross-capability teams work with clients to deliver lasting change through continual tactical and strategic improvements.

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Digital transformation
Address strategic challenges such as the digital transformation of courts, unify the probation service, enhance support for ex-offenders’ rehabilitation, and improve victims’ experiences.
Digital delivery and engineering
Benefit from end-to-end digital solutions that improve services for citizens and those visiting, studying, or moving to the UK.
Delivery at scale
Partner with our agile, multi-disciplinary teams to take a human-centred approach to understand, prioritise, and fulfil national strategic objectives.
Operational improvement
Implement innovative solutions to optimise value and enhance efficiency, fairness, and effectiveness across the justice ecosystem.
Change management
Embed lasting change through an employee-centric approach to drive operational transformation.
Vulnerabilities and online safety
Draw on cross-sector knowledge and resources to protect vulnerable people from harm such as child exploitation, violence against women and girls, and organised crime.

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