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Agile development of software for regulated products and processes: delivering real business value

Agile development of software delivers real results by reducing delivery time and costs, and increasing client satisfaction. The Agile development process features continuous client engagement and this promotes an efficient and rewarding client relationship. This allows PA Consulting Group to deliver even more business value to our clients with a shorter return on investment.

Using an Agile development process for software enables us to answer the question: ‘How do we maximise the chances of delivering the business value clients need from their software?’ We determined that software needs a development lifecycle that:

  • understands and focuses on the client’s critical business needs

  • makes sure that the development team is aligned with the client’s goals

  • recognises that change happens and enables it

  • minimises waste.

  • allows software to evolve based on frequent stakeholder feedback

  • produces deliverable software early, and throughout the development.

PA's Agile development process for software performs nearly every software development activity simultaneously.

This is achieved by dividing the development into many short time-boxed iterations. In every iteration, the team does the iteration planning, a bit of design, a bit of coding, a bit of testing, and delivers a release. The workload is based on prioritised user stories.

For every iteration, the team commits to deliver a set of user stories. At the end of the iteration, the software is deployed for internal review, demonstration or even client release. This is paramount in bringing a greater degree of control and visibility to all the parties involved in the project.

Download the full Agile software development article below. 

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Mark Humphries
Product development and manufacturing
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