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operational resilience

Our approach

Operational resilience – the ability to prevent, respond to and recover and learn from operational disruptions – is now a key priority for regulators and businesses alike. Service outages, cyber-attacks, data loss and other incidents play out in both mainstream and social media, eroding customer trust and brand reputation. Our operational resilience experts combine industry and technical expertise to take a robust, eight-pronged approach to ensuring your organisation is prepared to respond.

The eight areas we focus on are: disruption tolerances, IT change management, third-party management, cyber resilience, business continuity and crisis management, people resilience, training and simulations, and business service assessment. By reviewing them all, you’ll get an unmatched view that lets you maintain resilience in the face of evolving threats.


What we can do for you

Using our unique approach to operational resilience, we can help you:

  • run business impact analyses that go beyond hygiene exercises and set relevant recovery objectives
  • assess third-party relationships to prioritise and mitigate risks
  • examine your digital portfolio to ensure it’s resilient to constantly evolving cyber threats
  • explore how process failure would affect your business and create comprehensive continuity plans
  • establish regular, tailored and specific scenario-testing activities
  • deliver training and coaching throughout the organisation, including C-Suite executives
  • review and deliver enhanced controls to show regulators how the firm has improved operational resilience
  • develop reporting dashboards and communication arrangements.

What will it take to break you?


Client stories

How we’ll work with you

Our diverse teams of experts understand your challenges and have the technical skills to support and equip you to overcome the barriers. But no one knows your business like you do. That’s why we’ll work with you every step of the way, ensuring we seize every opportunity to build operational resilience into your organisation. We’ll make sure you get the right resources when you need them, and our experts will share their knowledge to help you build your skills for when a crisis hits.


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