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Client Story

The Ocean Race

We worked with The Ocean Race to launch programme Horizon, making inclusion, equality, and diversity a reality in sailing.

What is organisational agility?

Organisational agility is a company-wide way of working shown to drive top-tier financial performance. It requires centring on customers, speeding up time to value, designing for simplicity, building to evolve and empowering people.
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Green Boom

We applied data analytics, business intelligence, and commercialisation expertise in go-to-market and growth strategy, creating a targeted sales strategy for Green Boom—putting their sustainable way to prevent, reduce, and clean up oil spills into the hands of more people.
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Designing Denmark’s future drone infrastructure
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A Russell Group University

A Russell Group University wanted to provide their students with a better exam process to help improve the student experience overall. Our higher education specialists carried out an independent analysis of the issues surrounding the way the university developed exam papers, published results and managed appeals.
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University of Manchester

We worked with the University to identify where it could invest to support its researchers with better processes and IT services.
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Multinational technology company

As companies race to build digital businesses, they’re purchasing more public-cloud equipment than ever. Beyond cost and capabilities, however, it’s challenging for organisations to robustly compare technology and understand if they’re overpaying for it. We used our Perfect Cost Grid methodology to help a multinational tech firm identify key levers it could use to drive supplier negotiations and achieve significant cost savings for years to come.
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We’ve helped the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) design the Office of Environmental Protection (OEP) from scratch. It will take over from EU regulators from 2021. We worked with civil servants and outside stakeholders to clarify big questions, like the watchdog’s purpose.
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Dublin Airport Authority

Dublin Airport is the main base for two of the fastest growing and profitable airlines in Europe, Ryanair and Aer Lingus. The airport infrastructure has not been able to keep pace with the passenger growth or the increasing connecting traffic through to North America and Europe.
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UK Space Agency

With our help, the UK is set to enhance its strategic status in the global spaceflight market. The new regulatory model aims to protect the public, safeguard the environment and maintain the UK’s reputation for safety.