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Smart Supply Chain

Organisations need to take advantage of technology and data to bring new value to customers and across their wider supply network.

Making sense of large-scale business transformation: lessons from PA’s business design survey

PA’s survey, ‘Making sense of large-scale transformation’, took a closer look at how successful leading companies are at getting the results they want from large-scale change initiatives.

What is organisational agility?

Organisational agility is a company-wide way of working shown to drive top-tier financial performance. It requires centring on customers, speeding up time to value, designing for simplicity, building to evolve and empowering people.
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The balancing act – resilience and agility must go hand in hand

Amid increased regulatory scrutiny and a shifting economic and societal landscape, firms need both resilience and agility to survive. They must ingeniously combine agile and resilient ways of working into their operating model, and the way they adapt.
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Revealed: the four essentials of organisational agility

The benefits of agility are clear to those who’ve experienced it: alert, aware and inclusive teams; quicker response times to customer needs and competitive changes; and being able to unlock creativity and ingenuity.

How can agile product management secure market success?

Agile product management can drive customer-centricity and maximise value from investments by developing winning products and services that meet customer needs.
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Avoid falling short of new operational resilience regulations

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) made it clear that despite best efforts, some firms aren’t yet meeting necessary levels of compliance for new operational resilience policies. Firms must take urgent steps to avoid fall out with the regulators.
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Solving complex challenges: Diversity and agility go hand-in-hand

As organisations turn to agility to solve today’s challenges, they must harness their diversity to drive innovation and transformation, and to create opportunity from complexity.
Client Story


In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated, Unilever – a leading fast-moving consumer goods company – needed to rapidly evolve their global operations. Unilever and PA created a world-leading digital tool, COVID-19 Awareness and Situational Intelligence (CASI). CASI is a live dashboard providing real-time monitoring and predictive intelligence on COVID-19 trends from a global and regional level down to individual sites.
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The wrong goals can sabotage agile transformation

A new approach for motivating employees in making agile transformations a success.
02 March 2021