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Southampton Integrated Commissioning Unit


Giving more vulnerable people independence by transforming care technology

We’ve helped transform our care technology service in Southampton so hundreds more people can live more independent lives. By building upon the successes of the existing private pay telecare service and transforming how the service works we’ve helped implement the delivery of a range of care technology solutions to benefit Adult Social Care clients.


Key successes

  • people

    developed a service that is centred on users, making it more accessible for patients and health practitioners

  • schedule

    leveraged digital technology to reduce the time it takes to get a referral appointment

  • phone

    used GPS fall detectors to help ensure vulnerable people are safe.

Using technology to provide better care

Southampton’s care technology service – which provides and monitors technology to support vulnerable people, including the elderly – wasn’t originally set up to drive up demand at scale. Southampton City Council and Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group wanted greater numbers of service users and patients to benefit. We worked with both organisations to rebrand and launch the ‘Connected Care’ service.

To help this service operate on a larger scale, we made it easier for people using the service to access the technology by speeding up referral. Practitioners use an intuitive online form to tell the service about the outcomes they want to achieve for the service user and the risks they want to mitigate. Then the service’s own assessors decide what equipment to give them. And we made the service accessible for falls risk patients known to the heath service but not known to Social Services. Health practitioners could refer directly into the Connected Care service for the first time ever.

We ensured the service was better known by promoting, branding and relaunching it. More practitioners, for example, social workers and nurses now know what it can do and understand how technology can be part of people’s care. It also means there are more ‘pathways’ into digital care because practitioners know more about how it can help.

We also introduced new modern care technology solutions to achieve better outcomes for service users. That included GPS fall detectors to alert carers or relatives if people have accidents at home, and trackers to help make sure vulnerable people don’t wander away from home and into potentially dangerous situations.

Finally, we also built solid foundations for the collection and interpretation of data to inform decisions about the use of technology and to demonstrate the financial benefits of utilising these technologies. These outputs are now informing the business strategies for the service as it continues to develop.

Working with PA Consulting on the development of our care technology offer helped us take a fresh look at our existing services and identify any gaps between where we were and where we wanted to be. Their flexible approach allowed us to develop ideas in partnership with these services and has led to numerous new ways of working being adopted in Southampton.

Stephanie Ramsey,
Director of Quality and Integration, Southampton City CCG/Southampton City Council

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