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Turning new data privacy rules into an opportunity to strengthen customer trust

UK insurer Aviva needed to ensure its employees understood the new rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We delivered engaging and challenging training sessions for their teams to get them GDPR-ready, fast. Now, Aviva can be confident their employees are GDPR aware to a consistent standard across the business and customer data is safe.


Key successes

  • safe

    Ensuring customer data is kept safe for 15 million customers

  • people

    Engaging GDPR training for over 770 employees

  • list

    Building data privacy into business as usual

  • talk

    Providing important protection for Aviva’s brand


As consumers, we benefit from sharing our data with businesses, giving them the information they need to shape products and services that meet our needs. But when we do, we want to know they’ll look after our private details. GDPR aims to make sure this happens.

Aviva wanted to be confident their employees understood new GDPR rules and how to apply them. So we designed and ran a series of practical workshops for more than 240 employees and utilised WebEx training for over 530 employees. Attendees took the training back to their teams, sharing their new knowledge with employees across the country.


We brought together a diverse team of experts to support Aviva. Our learning specialists worked with our legal and privacy experts to design training that was relevant and engaging – a challenge with a subject as dry and technical as GDPR. To make data privacy part of business as usual, we used a scenario-based approach. This helped trainees understand where they might come across data privacy issues in their everyday roles. We incorporated elements of online gaming, with our e-learning interactive modules to test knowledge and reward understanding.


Our work means Aviva can be confident employees are GDPR aware to a consistent standard across the business. This is key to helping Aviva keep customers’ data safe. Employees can now play their role in ensuring Aviva remains a trusted brand that customers are happy to share data with.

With PA’s support, our investment in raising GDPR awareness has helped us get ahead of the game on data privacy. This will stand us in good stead as data privacy rises even higher up the corporate agenda, not just in the EU but around the world.

Jo Riseborough,
Head of Data Management, Aviva UK

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