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How PA Consulting helped UK council launch Wellbeing Automated Call Service in 7 days

By Alice Gillin


07 July 2021

PA Consulting’s adult social care expert, Steve Carefull, and director of adults’ health and care at Hampshire County Council, Graham Allen, discuss the development of Wellbeing Automated Call Service (WACS), which won the Most Valuable Amazon Connect Deployment award at the 2021 Amazon Web Services’ Global Public Sector Partner awards.

The article discusses how, with the massive scale of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting every country hard, PA was recently recognised for its role in helping inform the public through an unprecedented time. PA helped automate systems to handle the high volume of calls to people in Hampshire County to screen for those who needed the most help.

PA Consulting took on the task of automating these systems, landing them the Amazon Web Services Inc. Public Sector Partners Award for “Most Valuable Amazon Connect Deployment.”

Developing the automated call system was a joint task, requiring both entities to communicate with each other periodically. PA Consulting helped launch the Wellbeing Automated Call Service for Hampshire County Council in just seven days.

“We would improve the logistics of the service to make it simpler for colleagues in the council to get the data into the system, to make the calls,” Steve said. “We did that through a constant series of checkpoint meetings, staying in touch and treating this as a very collaborative exercise.”

Graham added: “We are moving from some quite traditional ways of responding to that population that has been accelerated through our response to COVID through using AI technologies. What COVID has taught us is that, for many people, the virtual world connecting online and having a variety of different technologies made available to support them in their daily living is something that they’ve welcomed.”

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