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A Break Up for the Ages

Shaun Delaney

By Shaun Delaney

City A.M.

10 February 2023

This letter was first published in City AM, print edition.

A new department focused on Science, Innovation and Technology is welcome news. This is a much needed opportunity to improve coordination between the disparate innovation departments and reduce bureaucracy. While progress has been made with UK Research and Innovation now home to seven research councils and Innovate UK, many businesses - particularly SMEs - still find working with government on innovation hard to navigate. 

The new department needs to now move away from the timescales and attitudes of research departments and adapt to the opportunities and challenges in driving business growth. It needs to focus on moving on from process and aspiration and look at how other countries set top down direction and prioritisation, whilst also allowing for bottom up ideas to succeed. With the right outlook and priorities, this new department marks a significant opportunity to bring real benefit to the UK and allow ideas to flourish.

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