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The (robot) doctor will see you now

By Tanya Weaver

Professional Engineering

14 December 2023

PA Consulting's Sara Urasini, wearables expert, shares how PA developed an ECG monitoring system in an article on emerging health technologies.

The article explains that PA developed an ECG monitoring system that can be integrated into a patient’s T-shirt to discreetly and continually monitor a patient’s heart for weeks or months.

Sara says: "Viscero isn’t just about technology; it’s about improving healthcare experiences for doctors and patients. It does away with bulky sensors and invasive set-ups by cleverly incorporating dry electrodes into the garment construction for continuous heart monitoring. It allows its wearer to have the freedom of their everyday life, whilst effortlessly capturing a medical-grade signal that can prevent or monitor heart-rhythm irregularities such as arrhythmia.”

The article goes on to say that the device records ECG signals and uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to give healthcare professionals a more complete view of arrhythmia events. The diagnostic data is sent to an AI-enabled dashboard where doctors can easily identify arrhythmic events without scrolling through ECG recordings. Patients can view results and message their doctors through a mobile app.

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