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PA Consulting welcomes Camilla Alm as a partner in Change and Transformation

03 June 2021

PA Consulting further strengthen its position within innovative change. By welcoming Camilla Alm as a partner, she will help drive impact across the private industry with a with a particular focus on the transport sector.  

Camilla joins PA consulting from Deloitte where her focus has been on delivering cutting edge innovative change solutions to private sector clients facing large scale transformation.

She is passionate about truly understanding clients’ needs and delivering solutions that will take clients further than expected. She believes in bringing a range of skills together to deliver more than the sum of the parts. Camilla will focus on bringing new approaches and untraditional thinking to ensure we bring the very best to our clients and at the same time bringing a joyful experience for everyone involved.

Effective change management is vital to organisations looking to adapt and grow. At PA we help you put your change plans into action so you can seize new opportunities and stay competitive. By helping your people embrace new ways of doing things, we make sure you achieve change that lasts.

David Oliver, Global Head of Transport at PA Consulting, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Camilla to the partner team. There is no doubt that she will help grow our business around the world. Camilla’s proven track record in delivering innovative change projects for global organisations will be of immense value to PA. Combining her experience, expertise and curious mindset will helps us build an even stronger position in the transportation, logistics and heavy asset market.”

Camilla added “I look forward to having conversations with clients who have the curiosity and appetite to embark on new and ingenious types of change journeys, that will take them even further than they and their employees ever anticipated.”  

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