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PA sets up a powerhouse dream team

Cambridge Independent

17 March 2023

This article was first published in the Cambridge Independent

The Cambridge Independent shares the news that PA has united its unique design, engineering, and science skills, with it's wider end-to-end innovation capabilities.

The article explains that PA has integrated it's global portfolio of design, engineering, and innovation firms it acquired, including Sparkler, Essential Design, Astro Studios, Cooper Perkins, and Design Partners.

Commenting on this, Ken Toombs says: “The future is being imagined, designed, and delivered by people harnessing the power of ingenuity. The talented teams who have joined PA are an inspiration, and the work they do is central to our purpose. It is an honour to see how our design, engineering and science teams champion the call to move humankind forward, every day.”

Frazer Bennett adds: “Bringing these diverse teams together is an incredible opportunity for our clients and for our own people.”

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