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PA Consulting to deliver care technology services on behalf of Dorset Council

11 June 2020

Dorset set to transform care technology services, helping meet the social care needs of residents during the coronavirus crisis and in the long-term.

Dorset Council has signed a five-year contract with the PA Consulting-led Argenti Care Technology Partnership (Argenti) to deliver innovative care technology services to residents. Argenti will introduce the latest technologies to support individuals with learning disabilities, mental health conditions and other complex conditions across Dorset, helping them to safely stay in their own homes and reduce pressure on hospitals.

As the coronavirus crisis develops, care technology services have never been more important. Healthcare workforces are needing to rapidly adapt to meet the needs of those in increased isolation or those who have seen their informal care and support networks disappear due to self-isolation requirements.

Together, Dorset Council and Argenti have been rapidly exploring novel ways care technology can support residents - during the coronavirus crisis as well as in the long term. They have already introduced care technology to support people living with Epilepsy. One person who works for the NHS has been able to remain in employment, live independently and improve management of their condition.

Argenti has been working with a number of councils since 2013. In total, by the end of 2019 16,000 people were receiving care technology as part of their care package. The service has been highly successful with 98 per cent of users saying they would recommend the service. The service has also delivered a net saving of £10.7m to councils.

The contract in Dorset will bring together the best of the private and public sector to achieve better outcomes for service users and will support the increasing integration of health and social care across the borough.

Cllr Laura Millar, portfolio holder for adult social care and health at Dorset Council, said: “Care technology has been a hugely important part of the council’s work for some time now. The types of devices available are incredibly helpful not just for the people using them, but for their families and loved ones too. It means peace of mind that the individual is in safe hands. We really do want people to be able to stay safe and independent in their own homes for as long as possible as we truly believe this gives people the best outcomes and sense of security.

“The work being done with Argenti is cutting-edge and the benefits for everyone are already proving to be a success.”

Robert Turnbull, care technology specialist at PA Consulting and Dorset’s Argenti programme director, added: “We are tremendously grateful to be working with Dorset Council, especially when the current COVID crisis has amplified the need for Care Technology. Argenti has unrivalled experience, expertise and a track record in delivering better outcomes for people, enabled through care technology. Just as important, Dorset shares my passion for care technology and its proven ability to make a real difference to those most vulnerable and their carers.

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