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PA Consulting announces role as founding partner of Technology Enabled Care Action Alliance

31 March 2022

PA Consulting (PA), the consultancy that’s bringing ingenuity to life, is delighted to announce that it is a founding partner of the Technology Enabled Care Action Alliance. The Action Alliance will help the UK take advantage of a unique opportunity to re-imagine the role of care technology within social care. This opportunity is created by changing central government policy, including its Social Care & Integration White Papers. 

At the heart of the Action Alliance is the power of the consumer’s voice, with Clenton Farquharson MBE, Chair of TLAP (Think Local Act Personal) co-chairing the Alliance with TSA CEO Alyson Scurfield. At every stage, the Action Alliance will be informed by consumer feedback, including commissioning new research and sharing insight held by individual members. 

PA’s membership further underlines its market-leading insight and influence in the care technology sector. PA stands ready to work with other like-minded organisations from across the private sector, voluntary and public sector, to harness care technology as never before to support the delivery of affordable personalised quality care. 

PA, through its leadership of the Argenti Care Technology Partnership, has been driving care technology disruption and innovation in social care for the past ten years. In serving over 30,000 people across five services and delivering a combined net financial benefit of £20m, PA has unique insight and unparalleled success in mainstreaming the use of care technology in social care, from leading the world’s first introduction of Amazon Echo in mainstream care to piloting wearable robotic technology (“Cobots”) in care homes. 

The core membership of the Action Alliance will be the Founding Corporate Partners along with key sector organisations and academic partners. Each member will bring expertise and experience complementary to that of other members. Government and NHS colleagues will be invited to participate fully. 

David Rees, Head of Local Government at PA Consulting, says: “We have worked tirelessly over the last eleven years, with a focus on outcomes, to ensure the benefits that care technology bring are recognised and evidenced. We have also endeavoured to be at the vanguard of industry, challenging conventional thinking with our initiatives involving Amazon Echo, COBOTS and, more recently in response the pandemic, our innovative “Wellbeing Automated Call Service” solution. For PA, this Alliance presents the opportunity to take care technology to the next level and ensure it is at the heart of national care reform – from the White Paper and beyond.” 

Alyson Scurfield, CEO of the TSA, says: “I’m looking forward to working with PA Consulting to devise new and innovative approaches and services to give people more control of their own lives through care technology.”

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