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Why managers may need more attention from firms

By Anna Devine

FT Ignites

10 October 2023


PA’s Amy Finn, people and change expert, is quoted in an article by Anna Devine in FT Ignites on the role of the middle manager.

The article explains that middle managers are the ones who might need more help given where their role sits within the firm.

Amy explains that the "murky middle" has been under siege for some time as a result of organisations trying to do away with this workforce layer. It has evolved into a complex role "often poorly defined and supported".

She says: "Good middle managers bring value by understanding the whole organisation and how to connect the top-level strategy to their team. They know how to motivate and develop people, how to meet the needs of customers, and then communicate this back to ever more distant senior leadership."

Amy goes on to say that to get the best out of middle managers, organisations should reframe the role so they can focus on adding value by connecting strategy to delivery.

"They should be given a remit to focus on talent management and blocker removal. Middle managers need support to build their own capability, especially around behavioural skills including empathy, listening, conflict resolution and empowerment," she adds

She continues: “senior leaders should learn how to manage their middle managers more effectively. Those at the top of the company need coaching and a clear understanding of delegated authority so they don't get in middle managers' way. They should be more transparent about the company objectives and back that up with management information and performance metrics so the middle manager has the right information to engage their teams."

Read the full and original article in FT Ignites 

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