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Rethinking digital talent in an AI-ambitious world

By Gianluca Barletta

The Future of the Firm

06 February 2024

Dr Gianluca Barletta, Global Head of Data Science at PA Consulting, is interviewed for Source’s ‘The Future of the Firm’ podcast.

Gianluca talks about how, as the age of the AI-enabled organisation draws closer, leaders need to think differently about talent. He draws on insights from PA’s thinking on Next Made Real, which explores the journey to the intelligent enterprise.

On the podcast, Gianluca discusses how new roles are emerging, existing ones are becoming broader, and people across the board will need to be reskilled. In response, organisations need to focus on resilience, readiness, and agility when it comes to their future talent. He sets out why it is crucial to have your data foundation in place, to allow you to move beyond ‘proof of concept’, embrace AI, and scale at pace. He also discusses solutions to reskilling and how fear around AI can be overcome. Gianluca talks about the new roles we need as we ramp up AI, and talks about why this must extend beyond data scientists, with roles for linguists, designers, and user experience experts.

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