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How to encourage new fathers to take longer parental leave

By Anna Devine

Ignites Europe FT

24 September 2019

Katherine O’Halloran, a people and talent expert at PA Consulting, comments in on why parental leave should become non-transferable.

The article discusses the existing UK parental leave policy and, through a variety of industry voices, gives reasons behind an alternative parental leave arrangement. 

Katherine says: "Men worry about taking leave beyond the minimum. Firms should shift the focus from shared leave and make paternity leave non-transferable, so each parent gets their individual entitlement. Parental leave should not be gender specific. By making the leave non-transferable fathers do not feel that they are depriving mothers of their entitlement, making them more likely to take it up.''

Katherine emphasises that role models matter. ''If senior leaders take paternity and maternity leave, they send a powerful message that it is acceptable to step away from work to focus on children,'' she adds.

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