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Why 'tech overload' damages productivity

By Dom Lawson

FT Ignites

23 January 2024

PA Consulting's Tom Causer, digital transformation expert, discusses how tech overload can damage productivity in an article by Dom Lawson in FT Ignites.  

Commenting on this, Tom says: "Online collaboration tools have transformed the way we work but 'destroy productivity' if they are badly managed. Tools have to be genuinely useful, you have to be clear what they are for and users need to be supported to adopt them correctly."

He adds: "Clear rules and working practices are essential so these tools don't become a constant distraction. Get it wrong and the technology can become the single biggest barrier to achieving focus."

Tom goes on to explain: "Companies should choose complementary technology. Even the best technology is more useful if it works seamlessly with other tools used by employees. So much of an organisation's work is interrelated and the workforce needs the technical tools they use to support that integration."

Adding: "Leaders should make sure they strike the right balance between collaboration and focussed work. Firms should configure applications correctly to limit the number of alerts or notifications users receive. Managers should mark 'open to speak' windows in their diary when members of their team know that they can contact them but protect the rest of their time, for planned collaboration or deep focus work."

Tom explains: "Employees should feel empowered to use the tools that technology provides to limit interruptions. Settings such as 'focus mode' and 'do not disturb' create periods of time when all notifications are suppressed so you can focus on a single task."

He concludes: "Users can set specific limited time windows for monitoring and responding to alerts such as emails or instant messages, leaving the rest of their day free from distractions."

Read the full and original article in FT Ignites

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