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How has the UK and the world adapted to university student tech demands post-pandemic?

By Sidra Ansari

Education Technology

27 August 2021

PA’s Rob Mettler, higher education digital expert is quoted in an article on university technology trends.

The article looks at the return to face-to-face teaching and whether universities can keep up with the technology demands from students.

Commenting on this from a UK university perspective, Rob explains: “UK universities are largely behind other organisations in their digital journeys. Whilst many have recognised the need to catch up, most universities are still coming to terms with what they need to do and how they do it. Organisational silos, a lack of historical investment, leadership prioritisation and lack of digital capability all hinder progress.”

However, looking on the bright side, he notes that: “The past 18 months have revealed just how agile universities can be when faced with the need to change. Many universities accomplished greater digital transformation in just three weeks than they had achieved over the past three years.”

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