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What lies beyond the data warehouse?

By Stephen Pritchard

Computer Weekly

08 October 2021

PA Consulting’s data and analytics expert, Richard Berkley, comments on the future direction of the data warehouse in Computer Weekly.

The article discusses whether the traditional data warehouse has finally reached the end of its life and if so, what will follow it.

Technology has evolved, allowing organisations to process data at greater scale, speed and precision. But some now believe the data warehouse has reached the end of its useful life.

Conventional data warehouses are struggling with exponential growth in business data, says Richard.

“The cloud now provides much more scalability and agility than conventional data warehouses. Cloud technologies can scale dynamically, pulling in the processing power needed to complete queries quickly just for the processing time. You’re no longer paying for infrastructure that sits idle and you can get far better performance as the processing for individual queries is scaled far beyond what is feasible in on-premise services.”

The article goes on to say that by no means everyone believes the data warehouse has had its day. There are risks inherent with moving to new platforms, however great their promise. “Data lakes, and new infrastructure models, can be too simplistic and do not fix the real complexity challenge of managing and integrating data,” says Richard.

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