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How AI can turn thoughts into images and why you should care

By Sascha Brodsky


13 March 2023

Richard Watson-Bruhn, US Head of Digital Trust & Cyber Security at PA Consulting, discusses AI privacy concerns with Sascha Brodsky from Lifewire.

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The article notes that computers might soon determine what you see based on your brain waves.

Researchers recently demonstrated that artificial intelligence (AI) could read brain scans and recreate versions of images a person has seen. The new study adds to growing concerns that AI may intrude on privacy.

Richard shared that AI also makes it easier to collect greater volumes of personal and sensitive data. He pointed to the growing collection of videos by law enforcement as evidence of this trend.

He said: “Now video can be collected and analyzed by AI, it is far easier and more common to collect video data, potentially without your knowledge. This collection by itself is a harm, removing privacy we previously had.”

He adds that the growing use of AI also increases the need for data to develop AI models. “This increases the incentive and likelihood that personal data collected is consolidated and used without your knowledge in overzealous ways you never would have approved of. There are many examples of this, perhaps the most famous being the use of data by Cambridge Analytica to influence US elections, use of the data never communicated in its collection. The potential misuse of your data both intentionally and otherwise, is another harm.”

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