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Embedded analytics emerges to offer new level of business intelligence

By Stephen Pritchard

Computer Weekly

11 July 2022

PA’s Lee Howells, an analytics expert, discusses the use of data and analytics as a powerful tool for organisations, in an article in Computer Weekly. 

The article looks at how embedded analytics can help decision making and how items such as smart medical devices which could help different teams such as doctors or drug manufacturers plan in a better way. 

Lee says: “Data now is changing so quickly, you really need intraday reporting. If we can put that in on a portal and allow people to see it as it happened, or interact with it, they are then able to drill down on it.” 

He goes on to say: “It’s putting that data where employees can use it and those employees can be anyone from the CEO to people on operations.” 

The article concludes by looking at the quality of data and how reliable it is for decision making. 

Commenting on how Chief Data Officers can move forward, Lee says: “Organisations, as part of their next step forward, have come to us with their cloud infrastructure or data lakes already in place, and they started to transform their data engineering into something that can be used. Sometimes they put several small use cases in place as proof of concept and the proof of value. Some data isn’t as well used as it could be. I think that’s going to be a continually evolving capability.”

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