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Is the death knell sounding for long-haul first class?

By Tom Chapman

Business Chief

10 October 2023


PA Consulting’s David Huttner, Commercial Aviation Lead, discusses the future of long-haul first class flights in an article by Tom Chapman in Business Chief

Commenting on the narrowing gap between business and first class, David says: “High-quality, flat-bed business products have become more ubiquitous among long-haul carriers, resulting in a differential product quality that may not be as stark as it was before. For certain routes and markets there is only a limited number of people with the budget to justify the exceptional service offered in first class.”

When talking about the increasing difficulty to justify spend on first class, David notes: “The pandemic and current economic climate are playing into the decision processes of both individual and corporate buyers.”

Adding: “This shouldn’t be a problem for executives, given the work airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and KLM have put into enhancing their business class offering.”

David goes on to say: “If more airlines that offer first class can recreate the ‘executive jet experience’, the more likely they are to get a portion of significant figureheads and high-profile individuals back on scheduled flights.”

He concludes: “The glamour and convenience of walking off your own private jet now comes with greater PR risk for individuals concerned about their public image, so an elevated first-class experience could be the answer.”

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