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Industry predictions: what’s in store for 2024?

By Peter Nilson

Airport Industry Review

12 December 2023


PA Consulting’s Kata Cserep, Global Aviation Lead, discusses what we can expect to see in the aviation industry in 2024 in an article by Peter Nilson in Airport Industry Review.

Kata says: “As global air travel surpasses 2019 in 2024, it could be tempting to say we are returning to trend; but actually, we are far from it. Below the headline totals, there are significant changes underway, and these will shape the next era of aviation for many years to come. Pre-pandemic air travel is over, especially in Europe, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The sector that is being shaped before our eyes has the potential to be significantly more efficient, more tailored to customer expectations and significantly less carbon-intensive.”

She adds: “Airlines are bracing themselves for ramped-up operating costs stemming from supply chain and labour challenges, while many airports are having to contemplate how to become an airport which can no longer rely on steady growth of passengers ad infinitum to make its economics work. We are seeing innovative commercial models emerging, diversifying airport revenues from airline and passenger fees, and exploring new business models that not only align with but can even drive the energy transition.”

Kata concludes: “2024 will see another step change in the production of SAF – possibly exceeding 1 million tonnes for the first time – as Europe moves towards a mandate starting in 2025. However, this is still a drop in the ocean against what will be required by 2030 and beyond, and we predict further rapid changes in the space as producers, investors, airlines and corporates jostle for the best position in this new market.”

Read the full article in Airport Industry Review

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