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PA consultant Line Fryd Hofmansen makes Talent 100 list

By Sara Hodzic


19 February 2022

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Line Fryd Hofmansen is a consumer and manufacturing expert at PA Consulting and has been included in Berlingske’s Talent 100 list. Line develops circular business models for companies - which can secure new revenue of up to $200 billion in the future

She works in PA’s Danish office. Throughout her working life and during her studies, she has focussed on sustainable change. The 28-year-old cannot emphasise its importance enough.

The kinds of business models she develops with global clients as a management consultant at PA are essential if they want to be competitive.

The transformation of companies into a so-called circular business model could generate new revenue of up to $200 billion a year from 2040, according to the World Economic Forum. Circular Business models are based on companies investing in bio-based, renewable or recyclable materials in their products, which can then be included in technical or biological recycling when the products are no longer in use.

Throughout her working life and during her studies, Line Fryd Hofmansen has focused solely on sustainable change. And in applying that focus, she has worked to get organisations to transform from linear to circular business models.

“In PA, you cannot ignore her talent which has been demonstrated in her work over the past year in developing sustainable business models for large international food groups. Line does it with surplus, skill and perseverance - and therefore achieves results that enable her to sleep well at night, because as a person she is very purpose-driven,” writes Jon Plate, who is a partner and sustainable economics expert at PA Consulting.

Line Fryd Hofmansen has recently published an article about the circular economy in the shipping industry. It is a topic that she has had a passion for and dealt with since she won the 'Global Maritime Forum's essay competition' in 2019 for young professionals under the age of 30.

“Line is very focused and not afraid to embark on new challenges. In addition to her high levels of professionalism and sharp-witted skill, which our clients enjoy every day, she also is making a name for herself by being a good role model internally in PA,” adds Jon. 

Line Fryd Hofmansen has a master's degree. (pol.) in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

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