Insurance-as-a-service: an ingenious platform for the future


Customers’ expectations of how they engage with businesses are going through the most fundamental revolution since the start of the internet age. They expect a good experience in one industry to be replicated by all organisations they interact with. This is the world of Customer 4.0.

Responding to these changing demands isn’t a question of if, but when. And for the insurance industry, that when is now.

Today, consumers find their insurance journeys’ impersonal, time-consuming, transactional, complex and costly. Insurers will need to pivot and put themselves into their customers’ universes if they’re to remain relevant.

We believe in a positive future for insurance, where technology transforms the traditional insurance offering into an ingenious platform of services tailored to each user based on a broader set of needs.

Watch our latest video to see how this transformation towards ‘insurance-as-a-service’ could come to life for customers.

Insurance-as-a-service: an ingenious platform for the future

Insurance-as-a-service: an ingenious platform for the future

This future will be a different type of relationship between the industry and their customers. Based on trust, simplicity and an outstanding customer experience.

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