Solving problems and improving business processes using Geographic Information Systems

Companies that install, repair, and maintain complex network infrastructure increasingly use technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Outage Management Systems (OMS) amongst others.

However, many utilities, pipeline and telecommunications companies that have implemented GIS have often struggled to realise the full potential the technology has to offer. Determining the real tangible business value of GIS, communicating the value to executives, and successfully delivering on its potential continues to be a challenge.

PA works with electric and gas, pipeline and telecommunications companies to help drive maximum value from their GIS and related geospatial (business intelligence and mobile) investments.

We help clients:

  • Build GIS strategic plans and business cases by defining multi-year strategic roadmaps that prioritise investment in data, upgrades, integrations and new technology.
  • Identify opportunities for leveraging geospatial technology more fully within their organisations.
  • Drive business change and user adoption, drawing on our strengths in organisational change management and program management.
  • Define and implement data governance and management processes to ensure sustainable use of the geospatial solution.

PA’s experience includes:

  • Building the enterprise GIS Strategy for a large North American pipeline company.
  • Leading the implementation of a gas and electric GIS and outage management system at a major West Coast US utility.
  • Helping a large cable operator implement and deploy their Geospatial Network Inventory System.
  • Defining the enterprise GIS strategy for a large investor-owned US water utility.
  • Co-authoring two GIS Strategy and ROI books with two leading GIS vendors: ESRI: Business Benefits of GIS: An ROI Approach and GE: The ROI Handbook for Geospatial Network Inventory Solutions.

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