Delivering better regulation with Microsoft technologies: A fireside chat

Watch our first video in a series on how regulators can rise to the challenge of a more volatile world using Microsoft technologies.

Join Matthew Bristow, regulation expert at PA, in a discussion with industry experts including Paul McPherson, Head of Enterprise Commercial and Public sector at Microsoft, Caroline Wayman, risk and regulation expert at PA and former CEO of the Financial Ombudsman Service, and Tim Kidd, UK commercial Director at Codec, Microsoft Partner of the Year.

Together, they explore how regulators can stay ahead of their markets, ‘find the needle in the haystack’ to keep people safe, and deliver better services, all while being as easy as possible to comply to. The discussion covers the challenges regulators face, the capabilities of Microsoft’s solutions in addressing them, and tips on what regulators can do to deliver value using these tools now.

Regulators have to adapt and stay ahead of their markets. And you can’t do that if you’re locked into old ways of doing things because of the technology you’re using.”
Public services and regulation expert, PA
One of the real challenges for any regulator is finding the needle in the haystack. Technology and smart use of data are a massive part of this.”
Risk and regulation expert, PA
Four business people in conversation

About the series

Explore our work to transform the public sector using Microsoft’s industry leading solutions.

Our video series explores the challenges and innovations that are reshaping UK governance, underlining the pivotal role of data analytics, and the Microsoft Power Platform in driving efficiency, public safety, and proactive civic engagement.

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