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9 essential insights for business leaders from the first half of 2019

The first half of 2019 has seen radical trend-setting in the world of business – the younger generation is putting sustainability in the limelight, we’ve heard about imminent commercial quantum computers and 5G mobile networks are rolling out. Organisations can’t ignore such disruptive trends. And central to responding will be their people, finding the right ways to bring humans and technology together to maximise opportunities.

As a company that believes in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world, we’re at the forefront of seizing those opportunities. And that gives us unique insights into the space where strategy, technology and innovation collide – where opportunity appears.

So, here’s a selection of our essential reads from the first half of this year. They share the insights and expertise that business leaders need if they’re going to be ingenious and thrive in our fast-changing world.

Diversity and digital technologies: what can we learn from the younger generation?

As the digital industry grows ever faster, diversity will be crucial to maintaining success. We know the best work comes from diverse teams of experts, yet white men fill a disproportionate number of digital jobs. So, we’re working with the next generation to understand how to improve diversity in the digital industry.

Find out what we can learn from ingenious students.

People and machines: from hype to reality

As organisations turn to innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation, business leaders and HR professionals have an opportunity to create jobs, make roles more interesting and unleash the ingenuity of their people. These are the findings from our joint report with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the leading body for HR professionals.

Find out why the success of new technologies hinges on the human factor.

What is organisational agility?

The top organisations in terms of financial performance are more likely to show five characteristics. They centre on their customers, speed up time to value, design for simplicity, build to evolve and liberate their people. We call this organisational agility.

Find out what it means to be an agile organisation.

5G isn’t the only technology springboard for business growth

5G is touted as a transformational technology for both consumers and businesses, making it possible to do things that seem far-fetched now. But well-established technologies already offer an incredible innovation platform. So, should you wait for 5G to become widespread or move forward now?

Explore the questions you need to ask before investing in 5G.

A tangled web: rethinking the approach to online CSEA

The proliferation of high-speed, low-cost internet access and the increasing sophistication of online offender networks have changed the scope and scale of online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA). We need to tackle this challenge. Based on our research, we believe there must be a coordinating ‘single front door’ to better protect the most vulnerable in society.

See how we believe we can better protect children online.

The human case for automation

Artificial intelligence and automation will make jobs more interesting and people better at what they do. The key is to focus adoption on areas that unlock ingenuity.

Find out how AI will make our working lives better.

Plastics and packaging: what’s the sustainability challenge?

We’ve partnered with D/sruption Magazine to explore how some of the world’s leading companies are thinking about the sustainable use of plastics and packaging. With insights from John Lewis and Mondalez, our initial findings explore the ambitions and success stories of those operating in this space, along with their major challenges.

Find out how organisations are addressing the plastics challenge.

Is your organisation ready for the quantum internet?

As quantum computers become a reality, their incredible processing power threatens digital security. That will drive the creation of a quantum internet – networks of quantum computers that are secure even in the face of the power of quantum computing.

Find out why your organisation should start preparing.

The future of HR, an opportunity and a challenge

Technology is having a significant impact on the workplace, changing jobs, cultures and ways of working. Yet our recent research with the CIPD on artificial intelligence and careers revealed only 55 per cent of organisations consult HR when investing in AI or automation. To get the most from these innovative technologies, HR and IT must work together.

Find out how HR and IT can collaborate on technology implementations.

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