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The learning challenge

From smartphones to satellite navigation systems, technology has transformed the way we learn in our personal lives. Today’s workplace is characterised by rapid changes in roles and the people undertaking them. Yet most organisations rely on face-to-face classroom training and e-learning courses to train their employees. We focus on improving leadership performance and employee engagement by integrating learning and work. Providing tools designed to make it easier and more enjoyable for your leaders to get the job done.

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Training isn't working

Companies spend £43 billion in the UK each year on training, yet we know traditional training isn’t working.


As much as 95% of learning isn’t done during training


Only 25% of training impacts performance at all


Around 65% of what we learn during training is lost in a week

Poor leadership can impact the performance and competitiveness of organisations. Helping your leaders perform well is key to improving employee engagement and overall business success.

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Introducing leadership essentials

Watch a short video of our resource hub, Leadership Essentials.


  • Get practical resources to your leaders when they need them most with our online resource hub, accessible via a mobile or laptop

  • Provide performance support 24x7 to help your leaders complete leadership tasks and address challenges as they face them

  • Includes easy to use resources from checklists, video guides, top tips, infographics to common mistakes to avoid.

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Our experience

We have extensive experience helping clients provide learning and performance support. Some of our recent work includes:

A major UK transport infrastructure company needed to get their 1,400-strong workforce performing effectively. We designed a blended solution which included our online learning portal to help give leaders and managers the exceptional skills they’ll need to drive this ambitious and complex infrastructure programme.

We developed the ‘People Management Essentials’ learning toolkit for a tier one global bank, providing managers with a flexible, easy to use set of online resources that address their most common challenges. The toolkit, which is accessible on mobile devices, means managers can access content on the move, when they need it most.

A global insurance company wanted to deliver a blended leadership programme to 4,000 leaders around the globe. We provided an online platform containing resources to help leaders better address the challenges they face in their role. Currently being rolled out in five different locations.

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Organisational agility makes it possible to adapt to customers and competition. To attract and keep the best people. To get one step ahead. And our research proves that leads to top-tier financial performance.

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