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Airport cyber security

Overcome the silent threat


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How safe are our airports?

Airports have evolved to handle a complex environment of physical security challenges. But how well are they coping with the latest threat posed by increasing digitalisation – cyber security?

In our new report, we’ve held in-depth assessments of four major airports to discover common vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. We’ve then drawn on our experience in aviation and other sectors to outline best practice for ensuring cyber security, including the governance, leadership and culture that’s needed to keep airports safe.


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) says there are 1,000 cyber attacks on aviation systems each month. And our research shows increasing use of technology, greater connectivity and wider collaboration with stakeholders and users can all serve to increase cyber attack vulnerabilities. But there are steps that can be taken to improve airport cyber security.

how can airports BE MORE CYBER SECURE?

Airport cyber security shouldn’t be tackled as a standalone problem, or be considered as an afterthought. To effectively mitigate the risks, there needs to be a holistic approach – one that builds cyber security into airports by design. That means having the right leadership, culture and systems to align physical and cyber security.


  • there’s no uniform model to manage airport cyber security
  • people create the biggest vulnerabilities, but are also a significant part of the solution
  • airports need to take a holistic risk management approach to cyber security
  • there needs to be strong cyber security leadership and effective governance.

Download the report


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