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Our approach

Our aviation team works across industry to create opportunity from the rapidly evolving complexities in the sector today.

We help you develop the vision and strategy you need to succeed. We show you how new technologies and digital transformation can help you achieve your goals.

During 2018, the team from Nyras joined PA, bringing a unique combination of strategic capabilities.

Operating the intersection between strategy and technology innovation, we combine deep industry understanding with our strengths in innovation and transformation to help our clients progress further, faster.

We deliver enduring results for airlines, airports, investors and the wider aviation supply chain.

Find out what we do and how we integrate our services across the aviation industry

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What we can do for you

We offer clients industry expertise and an innovative mindset to seize opportunities and harness disruption. We operate globally, driving commercial and operational advantage for airlines and airports, MROs, air navigation service providers, regulators, governments and investors. 

Our diverse team of experts advise clients to:

  • advise on strategy, transactions, restructuring and delivering value from investments in aviation
  • improve commercial outcomes through smarter pricing, innovative products and partnerships
  • drive operational excellence to deliver more efficient and reliable services
  • develop your talent for the future as your organisation and industry evolves
  • implement technology-enabled asset management, passenger services and maintenance operations
  • maintain critical systems and networks to defend against emerging threats
  • ensure the safety and security of passengers and cargo.

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Client stories

How we’ll work with you

When it comes to aviation, we understand the bigger picture – but we’ll always focus on the specific challenge you face. By reframing the problem as an opportunity, our positive mindset and industry expertise will solve your most complex issues. 


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