Workforce planning for Primary Care

Empowering GP practices to transform primary care

Increasing patient needs, aging populations, pressure on NHS budgets, and a shortage of key skills mean the role of Primary Care is changing. Today, most localities expect GP-led services to play a big role in local care systems.

And as more activity is delivered in community and integrated care settings, this expectation will only increase.

Primary Care providers will need to find ingenious ways to adapt to these demands and continue to provide high quality, safe and sustainable care. To request a demo, please contact us.

The potential shortfall in NHS staff required to meet needs by 2030. [1]
The increase in patient numbers per GP between 2015-2018. [2]
Said adopting new technology has had a positive impact on their workforce, as well as improving patient outcomes. [3]

[1] The health care workforce in England: Make or break?, The Health Foundation, The King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust, 2018

[2] A worrying cycle of pressure for GPs in deprived areas, The Health Foundation, May 2019

[3] Value-based care: A more human approach to healthcare, PA Consulting, November 2018

Gain new insight with our workload and workforce planning tools.

Our workload tool

Allows practices to identify transformation opportunities by analysing performance and productivity. It helps practises monitor clinical activity and report on a regular basis to identify avoidable contacts, then build robust and sustainable plans using these new insights. 

Our workforce tool 

Gives practices the ability to assess and monitor their current resilience, and model alternative skill mixes and different clinical capabilities based on expected future demand.

Ingenious approaches to transforming Primary Care

Ingenious approaches to transforming Primary Care

While the Covid-19 pandemic brought monumental changes to Primary Care, services still faces long-term challenges such as an aging population, workforce shortage and increasing patient needs.

Watch the video and learn more about how our insights tools can help implement a more sustainable future for Primary Care and its workforce.

Ingenious approaches to transforming primary care for long-term sustainability

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