Responsive Government Survey

A global analysis of civil service responsiveness and agility

Governments are responsible for providing continuity and stability – a task made ever harder by the shockwaves of significant global shifts.

In partnership with Global Government Forum, we surveyed 1,796 civil servants across nine countries to explore how government responsiveness has changed.

While the confidence of public and civil servants has dipped from last year, they remain optimistic about the future. And their eyes are wide open when it comes to what needs to be done to support citizens through constant change.

Five priorities for governments in 2023

To build responsiveness and agility, and successfully navigate uncertain waters, responsive governments can focus on five core areas:

  1. Rethinking responsiveness, shifting from reactive to proactive
  2. Embracing positive leadership, inspiring teams through purpose
  3. Going deeper with digital and data, capturing meaningful insights for improvements
  4. Building a citizen-centric culture, using ongoing feedback to develop all systems and services
  5. Governing through a permacrisis, embracing uncertainty, and adapting as required.

In the era of change, confidence is critical. Public sector leaders have a key role to play in embedding positive, change-ready mindsets that welcome the new.

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