A renewed public sector imperative

Purpose-led, adaptive & collaborative

The public sector faces a pivotal moment. Its response to the coronavirus pandemic has enabled the sector to demonstrate its societal importance, respond quickly and effectively to challenges and rebuild its deep connection with the public it guides and serves.

At the same time, the virus has exposed opportunities to improve both single points of failure and wider structural weaknesses, while also raising public expectations. This presents a compelling case to use the jolt of the present to enact long-lasting benefit to central and local government, business and society.

Now, more than ever, is the time to be purpose-led, adaptive and collaborative, and to be the generation that made public services – and society – better for all.

Time to rethink, not just restart

While the emphasis for many has been on when society can restart, the sector can’t simply pick up where it left off. We’ve seen expectations rise, behaviours alter, industries change and existing strategies rendered redundant.

Business and society will expect the sector to maintain its posture and pace, centring around new priorities while tackling longstanding issues with renewed vigour.

The change required is complex and difficult, but now is the moment to act with ambition. We’ve identified four practical ways leaders can respond:

1. Speak and act with greater collective impact
The public sector has won heads and hearts in the last few months – and must now seize the moment to transform long-term habits.
2. Radically reimagine to meet evolving priorities
All areas of the public sector need to be ready to capture the opportunities of a world witnessing the biggest leap forward in technology adoption since the mobile phone.
3. Unlock efficiencies and harness new talent
There’s a huge opportunity to use imposed transformation to empower public sector staff and adopt and embed adaptive working.
4. Encourage and incentivise greater collaboration
A strategic view of collaboration is needed in a new world where no public sector entity can operate independently.

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