In a complex technology programme, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is introducing a new electronic monitoring system with GPS tracking to improve offender management. Over three years, we’ve provided a mix of programme management, change management and technology expertise to get the programme back on track to provide more opportunities for managing offenders and protecting victims.

Key successes

  • Enabled the programme to meet a key delivery target on schedule for the first time
  • Supported launch of initial version of the new, satellite-enabled location monitoring service, which is now available nationally

Providing opportunities for managing offenders

New technologies have the potential to improve lives – even in the area of criminal justice. A new electronic monitoring system with GPS tracking being introduced by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) will give the courts and probation services more flexibility in sentencing, managing and rehabilitating offenders. The new system enforces exclusion zones and curfews, which helps protect victims and support offenders. The system offers a robust community alternative to prison and provides newly released prisoners with a staged return to the community, helping them adjust as they leave the order and control of a prison environment.

The complex programme to develop the new electronic monitoring service began in 2011, with four separate suppliers appointed to deliver the key components: hardware, network access, mapping software and the operational service, including a case management system. By 2016 the Programme was in trouble. It was in suspension (following disputes with suppliers); it was over-running by years and lacked a clear way forward. As part of a fresh start, the MoJ asked for our help.

We’ve been providing a mix of programme and change management expertise and technology know-how. This has included helping establish effective controls, refreshing the business case, developing the delivery approach and supporting business change with criminal justice agencies. We've also supported MoJ in taking over the role of integrator by shaping and project managing a set of technical projects with the four suppliers.

The impact of our support is already clear. For the first time, the programme has met a key delivery target on schedule: the launch of an initial version of the new, satellite-enabled location monitoring service, which is now available nationally. The progress of the Programme has been confirmed in independent assessments of the prospects for successful delivery. And our expertise is helping put technology to work to improve the process of managing and rehabilitating offenders.

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