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Navigating uncertainty

How vice-chancellors are reimagining the future of higher education

Universities are constantly learning to adapt to shifting trends and demands, but 90 percent of the heads of UK universities we surveyed say the threats are greater than ever.

Our 12th survey of vice-chancellors at universities across England, Scotland, and Wales assesses the current and future state of the higher education sector, and analyses the resilience of the response.

In contrast to our previous surveys, this year’s results reveal an interesting paradox. There are more uncertainties and challenges than ever before, but there are also more strategies being developed to mitigate and overcome them.

90 percent of survey respondents say the higher education sector has never faced greater threats or uncertainties
80 percent recognise that embracing fundamental reforms is critical to the future success of the sector

Adopting system-wide reforms

Universities have traditionally responded to disruption through gradual improvement and iteration. As the higher education system continues to evolve, the most innovative universities are pursuing a dual approach of steady adaptation and radical system-wide reform. This enhances their current position while exploring new opportunities.

Our research identifies four key themes of this new reform:

Place-related partnerships: Strengthening community ties through Civic University Agreements that redefine universities’ roles as pillars of regional education.

Tertiary level integration: Transforming education through collaboration and flexibility between educational providers.

AI and digital for hyper-personalisation: Embracing AI and digital to enhance student experience through personalised services and communication

Shared ambitions and resources: Seeking collaboration and resource sharing in higher education to achieve sector-wide success.

How we can help

Our higher education experts draw on decades of experience working with leading UK and international universities to develop market-leading solutions to their most pressing problems. 

We help institutions to thrive through:

  • Designing and implementing digital transformations
  • Redesigning operating models
  • Reimagining the future student and academic experience
  • Creating more Agile organisations
  • Working through what AI means for our clients
  • Fostering local and place-related vision-sharing.

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