Re-thinking regulators

From watchdogs of industry to champions of the public

Are you sitting too comfortably?

Regulators in the UK are largely seen to be doing a good job. We surveyed over 2,000 consumers and 500 business leaders from across a range of sectors, and most people (83 per cent of the public) see regulation as good for business and good for consumers.

But this isn't a time to get comfortable.

What we found

Although regulators are seen as a force for good by both businesses and consumers, all too often they are playing catch up. Businesses told us they expect to lose revenue if regulators don't evolve to keep pace with disruptive change in the next two to three years.

83% and 78%
83% of consumers see regulation as good for the public and 78% as good for business.
Less than half of organisations (47%) see their sector as capable of self-regulating in the next five years.
92% of organisations think they will feel a negative impact if regulators fail to evolve within three years.


We have identified four key principles that regulators need to adopt if they are to remain effective and relevant in this rapidly changing environment.

  1. Have a strong voice and use it
  2. Develop new styles of leadership to drive innovation
  3. Collaborate, don't compete
  4. Fix internal fault lines.

How we can help

We're the trusted advisor to over 30 European regulators, tackling big policy challenges to achieve lasting impact.

We have helped regulators transform their strategies, navigate change, and design and set up new regulatory bodies. We've provided support and insights to help them improve their operational efficiency, extract and analyse their data and deploy new digital technologies.

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