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Our approach

The wider adoption and increased efficiency of hydropower will be critical to cutting humanity’s carbon emissions. It’s been the largest source of renewable electricity for more than a century and represents 95 per cent of the world’s energy storage capacity.

As nations, organisations and individuals continue to push for a shift to more renewable energy sources, operators and owners of hydropower assets face several challenges. They need to secure access to suitable freshwater sites, increase variable renewable penetration across power grids, and optimise the efficiency of hydropower facilities to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

To answer these challenges and seize the opportunities of a more sustainable world, we offer senior stakeholders across the hydropower ecosystem end-to-end services, from strategic guidance through to implementation. Our operational understanding and innovation-led approach helps companies make quicker, better-informed decisions.

What we can do for you

Hydropower market and investment strategy

Whether it’s redefining your corporate strategy, pivoting to new business models, or evaluating M&A opportunities, we help you understand market challenges to make better-informed strategic and financial decisions, so you can deliver your vision. 

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • New market entry
  • Growth strategy
  • Project development and financing

Hydropower asset management advisory

Data from assets are becoming exponentially more complex and asset systems are becoming more interdependent as technology develops quickly. This means traditional asset management approaches are no longer fit-for-purpose. You need a new, smarter approach that looks beyond individual assets and sees them as a single system.

We use our hydropower program – underpinned by the largest global hydropower benchmarking database – as the foundation of our asset management approach. It can help you optimise operating expenses (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) across your asset portfolio, plan your re-investment decisions and establish and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our hydropower asset management advisors also support your:

  • Operational excellence
  • Digital transformation, including digital twins
  • Lifecycle monitoring
  • Rehabilitation and re-powering

Energy policy, regulation and dispute support

Energy policy and regulation guide infrastructure investment and the need for energy, utility and market transformation. We understand how to manage uncertainty and help you use regulatory and policy changes to create opportunities to optimise operational and financial performance.

  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Compliance
  • Dispute and litigation

Hydropower system resilience

The increasing frequency of extreme weather events, transition away from centralised generation sources and continuing threat of cyber-attacks means adaptation is crucial. Building hydropower infrastructure and system resilience should be at the heart of your operational strategy.

  • Resilience improvements
  • Cyber security
  • Climate impact assessments

Who we support

Hydropower owners and operators

  • Electric utility companies
  • Multinational power companies
  • Traditional energy companies
  • Public utilities

Service providers

  • EPC – engineering, procurement and construction
  • Equipment suppliers and manufacturers (Tier 1, Tier 2)
  • Operation and maintenance firms

Financial institutions

  • Banks
  • Private equity
  • Asset managers
  • Insurers

Our insights

Hydropower program

As all hydropower assets are unique and sit in vastly different operational contexts, a direct comparison of cost-effectiveness has always proven a significant challenge.

Our hydropower program normalises all the relevant cost drivers using an unrivalled global database. With this information, we can provide meaningful measurements, giving operators insight into the effectiveness of both their capital and operational investments compared to their peers. And that can highlight how leaders can drive efficiencies across their assets and cut costs.

PA hydropower program in numbers

 25 years of benchmarking data gathered since launching the tool
3000 hydropower assets assessed to extract valuable data
90 operators across the Nordics, Europe, Americas and Asia
20% average operational cost saving for those who use the tool

Over two decades of value for the world’s leading hydropower operators

Since we built it over 25 years ago, the world’s leading hydro operators have used our hydropower program to deliver tangible benefits by:

  • monitoring and measuring continuous improvement efforts
  • driving operational excellence initiatives and transformation programs
  • measuring personal performance
  • providing a basis for negotiating service provider agreements
  • delivering value to transaction work.


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