Create sustainable supply chains

Up to 90 per cent of an organisation’s environmental impact lies in its value chain - either upstream in the supply chains or downstream with consumers. Scope 3 emissions usually account for more than 70 per cent of a business’ carbon footprint. They are hardest to abate as they are not in the direct control of the company. As your organisation transitions to net zero and meets increasing regulatory requirements, creating a transparent and sustainable supply chain is a critical part of transformation.

We believe that every organisation should be accountable for their own value chain, and form the partnerships needed to drive and influence end-to-end supply chain transition.

Value chains are full of opportunities, from improving energy efficiency to reducing costs. But the transition to a sustainable value chain is complex, and it can be overwhelming to consider where to start.

How we can help


Analyse legislation such as the EU Green Deal to understand the impacts across your value chain and determine what you need to adapt, in which department, by when – be that through policy rewrite or operating model redesign

Supply chain assessment and measurement

Review supply chains to assess your sustainability performance and impact. Measure and monitor embedded carbon, product circularity and your overall carbon footprint. Create an actionable roadmap to drive change

Targets and KPIs

Set ambitions and targets across the end-to-end value chain. Adapt procurement and sourcing metrics to incentivise suppliers to drive change

Scope 3 emissions strategies

Define a measurable and tangible scope 3 emissions strategy, to align with your own overarching goals

Technology and innovation

Redesign your product technology roadmap with a carbon neutral value chain of ingredients and services in mind. Leverage technology and innovations to increase transparency and streamline decarbonisation

Business models

Rethink business models to cascade impact across the end-to-end value chain

Circular products

Design, develop and commercialise circular products

How we are accelerating progress


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