Transforming for tomorrow

Mature organisations are at a tipping point.

It’s no longer enough to experiment with digital at the edge of your organisation.

Our digital transformation approach will help you Transform for Tomorrow.

Experimenting at the edge with digital risks missing vital opportunities. Digital disruption doesn't respect industry boundaries. As incumbents dabble with digital, bolder players are seizing their chance to dominate a new, technology-driven world.

The only way to compete is to embrace digital at the core of your organisation and adopt a digital mindset to transform for tomorrow. Yet, 75 per cent of incumbents have yet to act.

We believe there are three perfectly achievable steps leaders can take to build their organisations to evolve in line with customer, market and technology disruption. We must learn lessons from disruptors, grapple with digital talent deficits and embrace an experimental mindset to unlock competitive advantage.

Digital tensions impacting leaders

78% of respondents
are experiencing tension between traditional and digital ways of working within their organisation.
74% of respondents
are more comfortable adopting digital technologies to enhance current business models than to disrupt them
66% of respondents
are over-investing in “what we are good at today” and under-investing in “what we should be good at tomorrow

Have you transformed for tomorrow?

  • Digital inside and out
  • Balance present and future value
  • Maintain customer intimacy
  • Adapt and respond at speed
  • Pivot to be data driven
  • Operate and manage platforms

A widening gap between ambition and reality

Leaders are clear on the direction, but the reality is organisations are struggling to respond. A core challenge of digital transformation is about keeping and preserving existing business, while at the same time preparing for a future shaped by technology change.

Source: PA and Savannah Digital Maturity Benchmark Report

Starting your digital transformation

The journey to becoming ‘digital at the core’ isn’t the same for every organisation, and we understand the importance of taking a tailored route. For many organisations, the answer is to run their current business on a legacy environment and create a separate digital sandbox or digital ‘bolt-on’ for the future business.

But wouldn’t it be great to have a common digital fabric underpinning both the current and future business?

To build a digital-first business, leaders must blend strategy and execution in a ‘think big, start small, scale fast’ approach:

Think big – Define your digital ambition

The way in which value and competitive advantage is created in the digital age is very different.

Start small – Take immediate small steps towards that ambition

Smaller experiments are easier to start, fund, learn from, tweak, and stop if they don’t work. And because they’re smaller, you can do more of them.

Scale fast – Deliver sustainable impact

Iterate and optimise. This is how you can monetise innovation, as well as create robust capabilities, momentum and confidence.

There’s no ‘start and exit’ – these steps aren’t necessarily sequential, and are in a permanent state of iteration, building an organisation that is responsive and agile at its core.


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