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PA Raspberry Pi Competition

Unlocking the ingenuity of the next generation of innovators

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About PA Raspberry Pi Competition

Our annual Raspberry Pi Competition - now in its eighth year - promotes STEM education by challenging schoolchildren to invent something that benefits society using engineering and coding skills. The ingenuity of children is remarkable. So, we give it a place to thrive.

This year, we challenged the teams - aged 8 to 18 - to design technology for the sustainable city of tomorrow. We’ve been amazed by the creativity, originality and inventiveness every team showed as they developed ingenious solutions. We'd like to thank all the entrants for their contribution to the PA Raspberry Pi competition.

Check out all the incredible inventions from the finalists in the video below:


And the winners are...


Explore the sustainable city of tomorrow

For this year’s competition, we asked teams to imagine a world where we can protect habitats while making the best use of natural resources. Where we can travel simply, safely and without pollution. And where we can enjoy sustainably sourced food with minimal waste.

Click on the sustainable cityscape below to view the incredible ingenuity of our finalists.