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PA Raspberry Pi Competition

Innovating for a better world

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PA Raspberry Pi Competition 2021

Our annual Raspberry Pi Competition - now in its ninth year - promotes STEM education by challenging schoolchildren to invent systems that could benefit society using their engineering and coding skills. The ingenuity of children is remarkable, so we give it a place to thrive.

For our next competition (which teams can register for now), we’re challenging 8- to 18-year-olds to design technology to help create a positive future for everyone as we come out of an unprecedented period of uncertainty.

COVID-19 has been a once-in-a-generation challenge. But, we’re seeing inspiring examples of where it’s catalysed the best of humanity and unlocked our inherent ingenuity. So, we’re asking the teams to imagine a world where we can:

  • develop a cleaner, most sustainable world
  • be better prepared for the unexpected
  • interact safely and effectively, whether at work, study or leisure
  • support the health and wellbeing of everyone
  • get urgent supplies into the hands of those who need them most.
  • School years 4-6
    School years 7-9
    School years 10-11
    School years 12-13

    We reserve the right to alter the categories.

  • The competition is completely free to enter – the only cost is your time and any equipment you need (up to the £100 limit). We’ll even help the finalists with the travel costs to London to ensure they can enjoy the Raspberry Pi Awards Day.

  • Each team should consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of seven students. In addition, each team requires an adult sponsor (the “Designated Contact”) to complete the registration and to accompany the teams to the events. We suggest a minimum of two adults support each team. There is no limit on the amount of entries per school, college or club. 

  • All entries in the first round must be submitted by midnight, Monday 22 March 2021. By this time, each participating team must have completed and submitted the registration form and all eligible teams must have invented something that utilises the Raspberry Pi in accordance with the Competition Rules. Your entry must include proof of working in a format of your choice, a brief summary of the project (500 words maximum) and a comprehensive build guide showing others how you produced your Raspberry Pi project including what you produced. This must include: A bill of any software modules and additional hardware, publicly hosted source code for software, instructions and a video presentation up to five minutes long hosted on a video sharing website (eg YouTube). The competition awards day has been confirmed for Wednesday 28 April 2021. The date and location of the final will be notified in writing to the teams that are selected to take part.

  • The Designated Contact must complete the application form. The Designated Contact should have the approval of the Head who must consent in loco parentis. Parental consent forms will be required in the event that the team is shortlisted for the final.


  • Teams may use a limited amount of additional hardware (over and above a display unit, keyboard, mouse, SD card and internet connectivity) with a budget of approximately £100 not including the cost of the Raspberry Pi itself. Any software modules used must be available as source code (and under an open source licence).

    Most of the software processing involved in each project should take place on the board of the Raspberry Pi.

  • The prize for each category is £1,000 per winning team. PA reserves the right to change prizes for the competition but will give notice via the Designated Contact at their earliest convenience.


  • We will appoint a judging panel consisting of employees from PA and other organisations. We reserve the right to remove or appoint judges at any time throughout the Competition. The judges’ decisions on all matters arising in connection with the PA Raspberry Pi Competition are final.

  • Entries will be evaluated on their creativity and originality. The judges may take into account a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • There are 100 free Raspberry Pi development kits (including a Raspberry Pi, case, power supply, SD card, keyboard and mouse) which will be allocated on a first come first served basis to all categories of the Raspberry Pi Competition. You will be notified by PA if you are eligible to claim as soon as practically possible after your application is received. Free starter kits are limited to a maximum of two per school, college or club.


  • If a team is unable to attend the final then they may have to withdraw from the PA Raspberry Pi Competition. PA reserves the right to select an alternative team to take the place of any team unable to attend.

  • As this is a competition which we anticipate will attract press and other interest, all participants under the age of 18 must have the required authorisation from their parents to have their photo taken and for their image to be used in connection with the Competition and promoting PA. As part of the Competition requires entries to be uploaded to a video sharing website, the Designated Contact is responsible for obtaining the appropriate consents for this. A Consent and Release Form must be completed for each team member and supplied to us on request.


Explore the PA Raspberry Pi Competition 2020

Last year, we challenged the teams to design technology for the sustainable city of tomorrow. We were amazed by the creativity, originality and inventiveness every team showed as they developed ingenious solutions.

Check out all the incredible inventions from the finalists in the video below:

Explore the sustainable city of tomorrow

For this year’s competition, we asked teams to imagine a world where we can protect habitats while making the best use of natural resources. Where we can travel simply, safely and without pollution. And where we can enjoy sustainably sourced food with minimal waste.

Click on the sustainable cityscape below to view the incredible ingenuity of our finalists.