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Hampshire County Council

The Argenti care technology partnership delivers exceptional results in adult social care

Like all providers of adult social care, Hampshire County Council faces the combination of significant cost pressures and rising demand. Of the County’s total population of 1.3 million, about 15,000 people have been assessed as having eligible care needs. Working together with the Council, we uncovered new opportunities to use technology (telecare) to improve outcomes for people, including increasing independence and control, and immediate access to help in an emergency. Our innovative approach also delivers significant and sustainable savings for the Council.

Key successes

  • Provided innovative care technology to 40,000 people over ten years
  • Delivered more than £19 million net financial benefits for the Council
  • Service users consistently tell us the new technology has increased their feelings of independence, safety and security.

Radically rethinking social care

Hampshire County Council is committed to delivering exceptional results in adult social care. Argenti, our innovative approach to providing technology-enabled care, takes complete responsibility for the Council’s care technology service, from driving referrals through to assessments, installations, equipment provision and monitoring.

Ten years into the partnership, over 40,000 people have benefitted from care technology as part of their social care package. Most impressively, we’ve delivered more than £19 million in net financial benefits for the Council by helping to avoid, reduce or delay costlier forms of care. In 2023 alone, we added 4,500 new users with care technology.

These financial benefits haven’t come at the expense of service quality. Over 98 percent of service users would recommend Argenti telecare to others; 94 percent say their care technology has increased their feelings of independence, safety and security; and more than nine in ten social workers report that the Argenti solutions are “good” or “very good” at achieving care outcomes.

Argenti continues to provide the service to Hampshire and is expanding its partnership to other councils. In addition to the delivery of care technology services in collaboration with these councils, we’re increasingly invited to advise others on how to achieve the same results locally. To date we’ve worked with more than 40 local authorities and health partners to review, plan and implement transformed care technology services.

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