Early careers

Do you want a career that’s for the bold? Where you’ll be energised and inspired by the people around you and diversity of thought is a superpower?

It’s time to power your curiosity. Welcome to PA.

A career at PA will take you places

Our early careers programmes give you the opportunity to power your curiosity and make a difference from day one. You’ll be working with our teams as they focus on the future, pioneering change and breaking new ground on varied and purposeful projects. 

Partnering with clients, you’ll be delivering work that creates a fairer society and positively impacts the environment - such as collaborating with global law enforcement to prevent online abuse, designing, manufacturing and delivering thousands of ventilators to those who needed them during the fight against COVID-19, and prototyping Electric Vehicle Chargepoints, featured at COP26.

I didn't expect to be put on such interesting projects so early in my career. I feel like I've been given responsibility really quickly, which is great.”

Global programmes

United States
In the US we have a range of campus recruitment opportunities. You can join us straight after your Bachelors as an Analyst or Consultant Analyst after your Masters. We have roles available within our Consulting teams in our Boston, Chicago and Denver offices. *Please note the US will not host internship opportunities in 2023-2024
Our Denmark office hires Student Assistants into our Consulting, Digital and Corporate teams. You’ll join us at the beginning of your Masters degree and work flexibly during your studies, with the opportunity to join us an ANA after graduation.
In Sweden you can join as a Student Intern in our Consulting teams. You’ll join us at the beginning of your Master’s degree and work part-time during your studies, with the opportunity to join us an Analyst after graduation.
Our Norway office welcomes Summer Interns in our Consulting Teams, starting in June (with some time off in July) and finishing at the end of August. If you’re successful as a Summer Intern, you’ll have the opportunity to return and join us as an Analyst after graduation.
The Netherlands
Join PA in The Netherlands during your Bachelor or Master’s study as a full-time intern or part-time working student, for a period of at least 6 months. After graduating from your master’s degree, we have opportunities to join us as an Analyst.

What we’re looking for

Each region and programme has specific requirements that we look for, but wherever you apply we’re always looking for graduates who are:

  • Adaptable and can flex their style and thinking to the complex challenges we solve
  • Collaborative and work at their best in dynamic teams
  • Curious and want to broaden their understanding of the world
  • Credible and comfortable working with clients in high performance environments
  • Driven and want to succeed in their careers and support our clients in their success
  • Open to change and have a growth mindset, willing to take on new challenges and learn from their experiences
  • Considerate of all the options before taking action and implementing their ideas
  • Engaging and build positive relationships with their clients, colleagues and the communities we serve

Inclusion and diversity

We believe diversity fuels ingenuity. Diversity of thought brings exciting perspectives; diversity of experience brings a wealth of knowledge, and diversity of skills brings the tools we need. When we bring people together with diverse backgrounds, identities, and minds, embracing that difference through an inclusive culture where our people thrive; we unleash the power of diversity – bringing ingenuity to life.

We recruit, retain, reward and develop our people based solely on their abilities and contributions and without reference to their age, background, disability, genetic information, parental or family status, religion or belief, race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity (or expression), political belief veteran status, or other by any other range of human difference brought about by identity and experience. We are on a journey towards ensuring our workforce is diverse at all levels and that our firm is representative of the world around us. We welcome applications from underrepresented groups.

Adjustments or accommodations

Should you need any adjustments or accommodations to the recruitment process, at either application or interview, please contact us.

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