UK early careers

Do you want a career that’s for the bold? Where you’ll be energised and inspired by the people around you and diversity of thought is a superpower? In the UK we have a variety of early careers opportunities where you can power your curiosity, be supported to drive your career and make a difference to society.

At PA, you’ll be shaping the future.

There are loads of stories about PA helping do really great things that don’t just help businesses be successful, but help society do great things.”

Graduate programmes in the UK

If you’re a graduate, you can enter one of our major business areas directly or enter one of our rotational schemes. We have several streams available for you to join.

If you have a specialist background, and already know the path you want to take, you can move into a flexible programme in digital, or design, engineering, and science. If not, you can enter one of our rotational schemes for a breadth of experience before you specialise. Either way, you’ll develop key skills from day one, setting you up for success and preparing you for your future career.


As a graduate consultant, you can join one of two 18-month rotational schemes: strategy & analytics, or business transformation.​

Whichever you choose, we’ll place real trust in you from day one, valuing the unique perspective you’ll bring to our dynamic team. Starting as an Analyst, you’ll experience a breadth of business areas before you decide on your future career path.


Our digital scheme is pushing boundaries as we design and deliver ever more advanced solutions to prepare our clients for a bold future. ​You'll join an 18–month programme, working with several teams across digital and gaining experience in different sectors, helping to drive innovation through new technologies.

Design, Engineering, & Science (DES)

Within our DES scheme you’ll have the opportunity to work in our Global Innovation and Technology Centre where we turn ingenious ideas into physical and digital reality. As you join the programme, you'll work with several teams across DES, gaining valuable experience in different sectors before you decide where you want to specialise.

Summer internships

If you’re a penultimate-year undergraduate (or finalist planning a Masters), we have a number of summer internship options available. Our internships are between 6-8 weeks long and will give you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and insights into life at PA. More to come on our internships opportunities later this year.

Industrial placements

Several of our services and sectors offer 12-month placements for students requiring a year in industry as part of your degree. Complete the year successfully and make a go and you can expect to be fast-tracked through the graduate recruitment process when you finish your studies. More to come on our placement opportunities later this year.

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