An update from our CEO

Chief Executive Officer

It’s a privilege to introduce our annual Ingenuity Review.

We have a duty to leave the world in a better place than we found it and I’m proud to have been asked to lead a team of people who share that goal. At PA Consulting, we believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future. That’s our purpose and it guides our every action.

As I reflect on last year, the degree of political, economic, and environmental change means finding ways to build a positive human future is more urgent than ever - a world that is safer, healthier, more equitable, prosperous, and sustainable. It’s where organisations and the people who work in them do better for society and the planet, every day.

Creating this future requires bringing ingenuity to life. That’s exactly what we do by applying the expertise of our diverse teams to unlock new opportunities. In short, tapping into humans’ innate ingenuity and blending it with the power of technology. Always in collaboration with our clients, to create enduring results.

Building a positive human future is our challenge. I continue to be inspired by our teams, whose ceaseless energy, expertise, and commitment is nothing short of amazing.”

Insight and impact

Today, we’re seeing high levels of uncertainty around technology disruption, infrastructure ageing, climate change, cyber risks, and geopolitical tensions, all of which impact clients’ critical needs.

Leaders in these organisations need to respond effectively and at pace. To do so, they depend on partnerships that deliver exceptional insight and lasting impact.

PA brings proactive intelligence and strategic interventions that go beyond theory, advisory roles, and standard deliverables. We bring deep industry and technical expertise, which we deploy to solve unique challenges and implement real-world solutions, quickly.

All of this capability is underpinned by a unique culture that our clients value. They tell us we’re different in what we do, but even more different in how we do it. We work as one team with our clients, flexible and responsive, exploring the current urgencies and the bigger picture, embracing the challenges together.

Our approach means we can deliver new possibilities even faster and create tangible impact in the real world. In a year where data, digital, and AI technologies hit the headlines every day, leaders increasingly tell us they need human-centric solutions, practical applications, and pragmatic routes forward, not policy and predictions.

At PA, we constantly question the status quo to provoke innovative ideas and creative solutions. Combining our deep industry knowledge with breakthrough technologies takes clients forward, faster. It’s one of the reasons 97 percent of our clients recommend us.

A culture we live by

Bringing ingenuity to life requires continuous investment in our people so that we can attract, nurture, and retain the breadth of diverse experts that make up the heart of our organisation.

We have so many brilliant minds at PA, with deep sector expertise and passion for their craft – whether strategists, innovators, designers, consultants, digital experts, scientists, engineers, or technologists. I’m also inspired by future leaders, our graduates and apprentices, and new in 2023, those who joined our Digital Apprenticeship Programme.

During the year we celebrated promotions, and recognised achievements of professional growth across our organisation. Our new career framework is accelerating and supporting development, complementing peer-to-peer learning and our innovative learning programmes. I want everyone, no matter where they are in their career, to get the chance to work on meaningful projects, with experts and leaders in their field.

Yet none of our efforts to support our people matter without a culture that’s genuinely diverse and inclusive. Diversity fuels ingenuity – the difference in thought, skills, and experience that comes from diverse backgrounds. And authentic inclusion – means everyone feels able to be their best selves, collaborate, and contribute. We continue to build this culture because it matters to our people and because it’s the right thing to do.

One of the rewarding things about our culture is how embedded volunteer work has become as more of our people choose to participate in community programmes. In 2023, our people dedicated a combined 21,000+ hours of volunteer time to support causes close to their hearts. We also saw The PA Foundation distribute more than £2 million in funding, from our donors, towards charities that help develop and inspire others, particularly those facing disadvantage, to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. More than willing hands and sympathetic ears, this is the application of our professional skills to support those in need.

We have a special culture at PA. It shows in the work we do and how we do it. Together, we create exciting new growth opportunities for our clients, people, and communities.

Looking forward

In 2023, we saw a challenging year for the consulting industry. Nevertheless, at PA we continued to grow our firm, albeit at a slower rate. And over a five-year period, we have grown fee income by 73 percent. Our team is more than 4,000 strong.

We continue to invest to understand and respond to our clients’ most significant issues; helping them improve performance in challenging economic times, find new solutions around climate response, close the infrastructure gap, tackle health inequalities, and make the world a safer and more secure place to live and work.

For more than 80 years, PA has championed the development and application of technology with a human-centered approach. In 2023, we continued investing in AI, next wave digital innovation and transformation, as well as scaling our products and platforms business. This includes Patient Catalyst, an AI-enabled platform that helps clinical staff to match patients to care pathways faster and more effectively, and Oakdoor Data Diodes, hardware-enforced cyber security that protects data and critical networks.

Our relationship with Jacobs continues to create new opportunities for clients to accelerate progress. This includes helping the Copenhagen Metro become an even more sustainable, connected urban transport system, and partnering with the UK Department for Transport (DfT) to tackle major transport challenges such as aging infrastructure, reliability, and safety on its latest Specialist Technical and Commercial Advice for Rail and Other Transport Modes (STARThree) Framework.

Watching the dynamism and expertise of our two organisations complement each other – and the enduring value this delivers for clients – is hugely motivating. As Bob Pragada, CEO of Jacobs, told me recently: “The Jacobs and PA strategic partnership presents a compelling organic growth opportunity driven by technology-enabled solutions in response to industry disruption and client needs.”

We recognise that our clients place their trust in us every day. This trust is earned and we appreciate the confidence shown by our clients when they choose us and value the collaborative relationships they allow us to build. To all of our clients: thank you.

We have a clear strategy: to leverage our purpose and create insight with impact, to change the fact of businesses, economies, and societies for the better.

With our clients, our people, and our community partners, we’re bringing ingenuity to life.

A message from our Chair


In uncertain times, the world needs a team like PA. Together, we tackle the most complex challenges and solve previously unsolvable problems. The insight we bring, and the impact we make, are second to none.”