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“We hope that this competition will help
encourage more young people and IT
professionals to use the Raspberry Pi to
experiment with computer programming.”


Home Raspberry Pi competition

The PA Raspberry Pi competition

Our challenge to change the world with a three-inch computer 

One of the most exciting innovations of recent years was the Raspberry Pi. This affordable credit-card sized computer aims to educate the next generation of software and hardware engineers in programming. Recognising its potential, we teamed up with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to launch a competition (now closed to new entrants) that challenged schoolchildren, students and programmers to use a Raspberry Pi to make the world a better place.

Here is just a taster of the incredible entries we have received.

The ‘AirPi’ air-quality and weather surveillance device

Living in a city and worried about the air you breathe? The Raspberry Pi will take in information about air quality through its sensors and upload it directly to the internet. This information can then be viewed on a smartphone or tablet. The device can also measure temperature, humidity, smoke, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. See a video demonstration of how the AirPi works.

The automated Raspberry Pi-powered pill dispenser

Stressed about taking the right number of pills at the right time? This pill dispenser will help you remember. The Raspberry Pi joins the dots between a pill dispenser and the GPs who program the administration of the drugs through a website. Correct dosages drop out at specified times. Meanwhile, if sensors detect that pills haven’t been picked up, an alert is sent to a family member who can provide a reminder.

Other entrants to the competition include a device to measure UV rays to keep you safe in the sun, a means for schoolchildren in third-world countries to communicate with other schools across the world and a school register that uses QR codes. 

See our Pinterest board of Raspberry Pi-nspiration for more projects.

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