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"It was only through the outstanding dedication of both of our teams, and their seamless co-operation, that we were able to achieve all we did."
Ian Bartlett, Motorola 

Motorola pips competitors to the UMTS post with PA testing technology

With the support of an engineering team from PA Consulting Group, Motorola was able to demonstrate working UMTS technology ahead of the competition. The two companies produced a convincing demonstration of Motorola's 3G (third generation) base station in time for one of the earliest trade shows in this field a joint achievement that helped to assure Motorola a leading position in 3G infrastructure provision

A high degree of determination on the part of both managers and engineers, coupled with solid R&D backup, enabled PA to manage the uncertainties of this new technical environment, and so to meet Motorola's timescale one that had at first sight looked impossibly demanding.

In the event, this closely collaborative project achieved in three months what both parties felt would normally take double that time.

Establishing leadership in 3G

As a result of combining the fruits of PA's R&D activities with its own, Motorola achieved the first-ever UMTS demonstration credit for which it was happy to share with PA. The demonstration drew plaudits from even the most sceptical exhibition-goers. Inevitably other products emerged shortly afterwards, but by that time Motorola's strength as a leader in 3G technology was already proven. Not only did adopting PA's test mobile avoid the need for Motorola to develop its own, it also provided an additional level of quality assurance. Motorola was able to validate its interpretation of the new standards against the independent interpretation that was embodied in PA's equipment.

To find out more about PA's wireless technology capabilities, please contact us now.

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