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"We developed a fully networked domestic energy monitoring system to allow users to reduce consumption through incentives."

Peter Morgan, expert in CLEANTECH,

Cleantech consulting - supporting all stages of the development cycle

PA Consulting Group's technology centre provides a full range of services to support Cleantech companies and investors throughout the technology development cycle. Cleantech embraces a diverse range of products, services, processes and technologies across all industry verticals. Cleantech has been a major recipient of technology investment and the focus is now on getting products to market and developing associated manufacturing processes.

Transforming innovation performance

How a company innovates and applies new technology can make the difference between success and failure. PA's strong technology heritage helps companies plan for, and manage, their technology assets.

Driving innovative product development

PA develops new, breakout products and services for our clients, often exploiting new technologies or market niches where significant, profitable revenue can be realised. We developed a fully networked domestic energy monitoring system to allow users to reduce consumption through incentives

Creating new and improved production processes

Manufacturing processes are often a differentiator, making products less costly, more personalised and difficult to copy. PA’s expertise in science, engineering and manufacturing help us develop and refine processes, and optimise supply.
We developed processes and equipment for a fuel cell materials company to scale up from lab to pilot manufacture.

Managing and exploiting IP

PA has a long tradition of supporting and managing IP – from exploiting our own IP, helping companies manage their internal IP, to assessing IP/technology on behalf of investors or listing institutions. 

Delivering value from R&D

R&D organisations are under pressure to deliver more complex products and services faster and cheaper than ever. PA’s unique combination of engineering/science know-how and business transformation capability helps us improve R&D. We supported a leader in the manufacture of insulation materials to identify new materials and processes for its technology roadmap

To find out more about our Cleantech services, please contact us now.

Mark Humphries
Product development and manufacturing
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